The Coffee Table

Nissan GTR Engine Coffee Table

The engine that didn’t quite make it as an engine so we are turning it into a coffee table. This is a piston and conroe hanging out the side. We wanted to create a space that reflected our passion and creativity, not just in the workshop but in the whole building. We came up with the plan of using a broken, ripped up and unusable Nissan GTR engine as a coffee table in our reception area. We did not want to use a pristine engine block, it had to have attitude, no more aptly stated than an engine with crazy horse power that self-destructed.

To prepare the previously sublime and now mangled piece of engineering excellence for our purposes we acid washed the block, sandblasted and powder coated it in a black textured finish. We fitted a new set of core plugs for some contrast and took a damaged connecting rod and piston assembly and mounted it outside the engine block, simulating the explosion of the engine.

We then made aluminium billet feet and mounted them to the block, finishing it off by adding a glass top.

Our coffee table is a conversation piece that is visually appealing and reflects the creatively bespoke workmanship, pop in for a coffee, check it out and share your experience of it, we would love your feedback.

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